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Router Recommendation (Australia)


I’ve posted an update of my travels this weekend with the Bosch router and the Nylon prints and ring kit here, for those interested. Generally all good news:


@Firewuff I have just found this thread and I’ve actually done what you are talking about… however, i removed both springs, glued in a nut AND used m8 threaded rod. Works really well! I used the ball bearing from the height stop disk to smooth the rotation of the leadscrew and act as a bearing. I also ground away the thread at the bottom too… the threaded rod ans motor need to drive the bottom post to stop it binding. Also, if the router dies its only $80 to replace :slight_smile: Here’s some images…![15239464982731179197854|281x500]


Hello from New Zealand

Hi, I’m a fellow Australian, new to Maslow and the forums. I was wondering if the EU Power Supply works in Aus with a simple adapter or would I need a voltage converter? Thanks :slight_smile:


EU AC voltage is 220 volts
whats the Australian voltage you use


The powersupply is 100-250 volt 50-60hz, but you will need to find a cord with the correct plug like this:



Thanks that’s very handy, I’m pretty sure we have 230v 50hz and I should be able to find one of those cords lying around. Too easy, thanks for your help @Dru and @bar :smile:


Beautiful job. my initial idea was jus a proof of concept. I’ll def keep the process you outlined in mind when i rebuild it. Sadly due to space issues in the garage the Maslow frame still hasn’t been built yet. But given I’ve almost finished clearing space its my next major project.


Hello. I know this is the Australian thread, but in case anyone is looking for other Maslow builders* in New Zealand here’s one more.

  • When I say ‘builders’ I mean there is a group of us in Christchurch who have ordered a kit and are waiting for it to arrive. I’m following the Bosch 1200 discussion carefully as that is what we expect to be using.


So after days of googling I found shopmate… And I ordered the recommended router from home depot in the us… Then I ordered this

Are my problems now solved?


does the converter do Hz, as might be running the router 20% slower if I’m correct, its late :blush:


This is a very good point…

So from what I can see, there are no viable routers in australia with which to use the kit?

Or Am I getting this wrong?

Can anyone just tell me a router that will work with the z axis kit?


Bosch -

dewalt and bosch both seem to have stepper systems.

I am sorry if this has been answered, but there is just so much noise that it is hard to tell if there is an unequivocal answer


I brought the bosch pof 1200 ae, used 3d printed parts file supplied by @Ned, a 250mm x 8mm lead screw that i cut 30mm off to fit and 8mm coupler. Seems to be working great. This guide is brilliant. Hope this helps.


the z axis kit that maslow sells with is not very fast or precise. There are better alternatives that cost about the same, which are faster and more precise.
any 500w spindle will work fine, but you will need to buy a z axis to go with it for example this motor kit:

z axis motor about 80 to 100rpm will work much faster than the original 12rpm maslow motor

and the last thing you will need is a 37mm motor bracket and some screws to attach it to the z axis.

you will need to make some sort of plate to attach the motor to the c-beam
i have not figgured that part out yet, but it shouldnt’ be hard.

is one option but it’s rather expensive. a scrap piece of aluminum sheet metal could be used. as well


Has anyone considered the Triton routers. They are a dual mode router (plunge and geared wind with a fine trim adjustment) , they are designed to remove the lift spring for router table operation with only 1 screw. The fine adjustment can wind the full travel of the router as well.

They are expensive new but they turn up on Ebay and gumtree really regularly for around $180. I just got one second hand with a Triton workcenter so will let you know how it goes when I get to trying it.




Did you find one?


Hi guys, I’m new to this community. I just ordered my Maslow and seeing if anyone has any updates on suitable routers available in Australia. I’ve contacted AEG Australia regarding that suitable recommended router. Awaiting a response. in the meantime I have looked around and found a couple that havent been mentioned here yet. I’m no expert on this stuff, so perhaps someone else can have a look into it. There is a workzone one that Aldi sells periodically pretty cheap. you can pick them up on gumtree and ebay. They have dust extraction. Vertical Z axis adjustment etc.
The other one I found is called a Renegade RI1500ER. They sell for around $170 local to me. Again this has extraction and a vertical z axis rail.
I uploaded pictures that I found if that helps. Hoping to source something and do required modifications before my unit arrives. I can make the work area/frame easy enough. And I own a 3D printer for any modifications needed.


Because I am a new user I can only put 1 image per post. So here’s my workaround


Anda pic of the renegade


Welcome to the Forum!
I’ve started 2 years back with a fixed base heavy and overpowered router and modified the z-thread to attach the z-motor. It worked, but is not fun.
What you need to look out for, is that the z-stop can be locked to the base, so the router can be moved in both directions with the thread. In the first picture it dosn’t look like. That is only a z-stop. The second picture I can’t tell. However, from my experience, a fixed base is just to much trouble with tool change, has all the weight in the back and the ‘fine adjustment knob’ is not really made to be motorized.
Are you open for a c-beam solution? That would give you the chance to look into plam-routers and even spindles, without worrying about how to mount the motor and with faster z-speed.