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I think you get an award for the most active cutter that shares the most. I love your projects. Thanks for always sharing.


This is cool. I have a bee keeper friend who asked if I could do this. I forgot until I saw yours. Could you share the file? It would sure help me out :slight_smile:! I am of course referring to the bee box but now it doesn’t look like I’m replying to the right picture.



For a friend


Ohhhh my goodness this hits so many nerdy sweet spots for me.


Crazy how much better it can look when painted by someone that knows how to paint. Friends girlfriend painted this


Wow! That looks amazing!



This is going to be a Turkey fan/beard mount for a friend. At 98% complete the Maslow started to drill a hole under the turkey? It was a quick cut so I’m just going to do another but not sure what I did wrong yet.


This is great do you think you will share the g code to cut out the deer fish eagle design it looks great.


Sure I’ll post it tomorrow sometime.


You are amazing!:grinning:


Here is the SVG
Hook Buck (6.7 KB)


Ready for paint


@ScrumdyBum Where did you find that nut to put on the z-axis?


Assuming you’re referring to the bushing then it’s here in this post in community garden.


2 more


So nice how they POP!:boom: