Software iissue

I have an issue of GC installing. At first I got opengl problem, it stops in the middle of installing
Now I changed PC into a desktop with core i7, radeon hd 4800 video card.
Then opengl issue is gone. I could see the GC program screen for the first time.
(thanks for Geru)
But next, after I installed Python 27, and I ran Python 27 with double clicking .exe in the folder. Then in the black color window, I typed python – version.
It says Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
NaqmeError: name ‘python’ is not defined

I don’t know what’s wrong with my doing

Thank you in advance

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What operating system are you on?

Thank you

Gee, I forgot to say that, it’s win 10.
Thanks in advance.

Try running the Windows portable -

Have you already put firmware on the Arduino Mega?

If so you want the 2nd file on that page. Extract the files from the .zip file. Then click on the .bat file in your Extracted directory.

Tell us what happens.

Thank you

Thank you for the package Bee.
I installed updated GC and tried Python 27 to run.
But I got the same result as before,

There’s other instructions about "path"on the Environment Variables setting.

I don’t know how to edit or add “path” in the section.
Please help?


Are you getting this from the Launch Ground Control.bat file?

You should only need to setup Python if you are running from source.

I will follow up with instructions for editing path in Windows 10 shortly.

Thank you


Where are you located?

Thank you

Thank you Bee,
I’m from Japan. I got that from Python27 after installed.
I think installing GC is OK. and python27 is also installed OK but I can’t go to python version check and install python serial.

Thanks in advance

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Here is how to set the path if still needed.

you should be abble to open the Command prompt and type Python and have it open. It will only do this is it is properly set in the path when using Windows.

Let me know if this resolves running Python for you.

Thank you

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it is possible you need to install pip to use:

python -m pip install pyserial

here is a artical on it:

Thank you

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Thanks for everything, Bee.
I’d really appreciate it.

I could install all Python programs by changing directory every time in the command prompt.
I haven’t been there for the life time before
Thanks for the instructions but I couldn’t make it in the last part, " Add the following text to the end of the Variable value: ;%PYTHON_HOME%;%PYTHON_HOME%\Scripts" because windows 10 has a different window from the instructions

But when I type as in below

C:\Users\Username>cd C:\Python27


I could install everything I need to have

Hopefully , I would cut parts tomorrow, really appreciate it

I’ll show the photos later. By the way I’m a cajon builder myself

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Hey Yossi, are you sure you want to install python? If you can open Ground Control then you should be done! You don’t need python installed to run your machine.

You have the option to install it and run Ground Control directly from the source code if you want, but we make a portable version every other week so you don’t have to! :grin:

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Because he is in japan, he may be using kanji type fonts and it may be that it is not playing well with the instructions, when translated. I’ve only worked in Windows once using a Chinese localized system and it was purely by knowing where menu positions were that I was able to pull it off. It sounds like he has made it through the problem. I can tell that the translation is rough we are going through a 2 way translation. I recently started a Python tutorial and had the path problem myself. I had to manually add the path to get it to stick. I was attempting to see if Yossi could launch the portable version. He looks to be OK from the last message.

He is getting ready to cut things now from what I can see.

Thank you


Thanks for the other day.

Since then I have been struggling with checking Ground Control and Arduino IDE thing.
No response of motors, I can see an orange LED blinking on the Arduino board while setting the firmware,
but with Ground Control, no led blinking no moves on both motors calibrating with the Ground Control,
it’s similar to this

So I checked and did it with instructions, but I still have the same issue…
What am I missing?

And while I was doing this, I got Windows 10 update as of Jan 4.
Soon after, Ground Control is shut down, I couldn’t have it until I reinstall that OS.

Do you have the com port set correctly in GC?

I don’t know where I can set the port. I only know the port thing is on Arduino setting.

It maybe here?

Thanks! madgrizzle


Yes, with the port set you can try to then connect the GC software to the arduino. Keep at it, we’ll get you there.


Thanks for the information.
It worked.
Wow, it’s been six months since I first saw a movie on youtube.
Now I can see one in my shop

This is my temporary sled and the final frame(the board is 1m, 2m) It is put on my hand press table,
it’s collapsible and changeable.

Thanks again!


Beautiful work!! It’s so cool to see them appear in other people’s shops.

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