Top right motor won't connect

I’ve been trying to get a valid calibration, and decided I needed to brace the frame. However, after I finished, the belts wouldn’t retract. The Maslow has a flashing red light and no commands work.

The test message said unable to connect to the top right motor, so I swapped the tr and tl motor inputs, and still only had the tr error.

After removing the heat sink closest to it, I got the same message. I couldn’t find any other ideas on the forums.

It looks like someone happened to the controller… Any other ideas for correcting the issue? I’m attaching a picture of the whole board; the only one I took has One of the motors unattached and another swapped.

Hi Alex,
Your idea to locate the problem by switching the motors is a good one, but I think you might have done it the wrong way around.
When I look at the picture, it looks to me (if I have the orientation right) that you uncoupled both tr and tl, but instead of testing the tr on the board, with the tl motor, I think you did it the other way around. To me it seems, on the picture, it shows the tr (on the board) empty and the tr motor cable hooked up to the lt on the board. So it would be logical in that configuration that the right connection on the board still gives the same error because there is nothing connected.
This should mean the right motor was good, or at least it connects ok to the left top board connection.
To test it more you should also connect the tl motor in the tr board and test for errors.
And also do it the other way around test just the top left motor cable in the top right board connection, to see if the board connector works with another motor in it.
Success with it! Hope this helps.

From your picture, it appears you have been swapping the motor connectors. Have you tried unplugging, re-plugging and/or swapping the Ethernet cables?

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I unplugged and reconnected all the Ethernet cables, but didn’t try swapping them. I assumed that the Ethernet cables would give a magnet error. I’ll try that later today.

And I did completely swap the motor connectors… I just didn’t take a picture of that step. The top right still showed no connection.


That sounds like you tested everything right. When the top right motor is plugged into the bottom right motor port the motor is detected, right?

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Correct. When I swapped them, it only had the top right motor error message.


That sounds like the board to me! I will DM you a code for a free replacement ASAP!


Thanks for all the help! The new board fixed the issue, and the 3x3 calibration I was able to do tonight looked better than any previous ones.