Z Axis not responding

I’ve checked the wires and think everything is buzzing but it refuses to move. Any advice?

what kit do you have?

M2 -> did it calibrate? what did you put in for the z axis steps?

classic / jumpstart / metal / eastbay kits -> do you have the z axis enabled in settings in webcontrol?

I have the M2 with the blue sled. I don’t have any additional info in the box or from the seller (Amazon). I’m actually surprised how little info I have. I’ll go back through today and look at the “steps” I entered for the Z axis.

I have the M2 and I read that Makerverse is what I should use. Is that correct?

Yes, you should use makerverse. Were you using something else?

No I was using Makerverse. I followed the instructions that came on the flash drive. No success.

try this and the linked video

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